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Controller Of Exams


Greetings and Welcome to Legend Institute web site.

I Dr Shivhar Biradar , the controller of examiner at Legend Institute invite you to explore our site and see for yourself the many resources available that makes this Institute unique. Alhamdulillah! Legend Institute Examination Branch is a well established, with spacious building, modern equipment and adequate experienced teaching and nonteaching staff, here at legend institute we conduct monthly test & pre-finals in the month of January & February for all the courses.

We update parents daily regarding absenteeism through electronic media and conduct PTM immediately after the exams. We take remedial classes for slow learners on Sundays and General Holidays. Here I take a privilege to inform you that the student who scores top marks during his / her course will be felicitated and awarded with cash prize and scholarship for higher studies.

Our Success rate is increasing day by day in terms of results of the students”.

Dr Shivhar Biradar
MA, B.ED, M.Phil, PHD
Controller of Examiner.