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From Chairman’s Desk:

Today’s LEGEND INSTITUTE was once a dream for me and it came into existence in 2005. It got registered before bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the year 2011. The Institute was first started with Intermediate and Graduate program, and now it offers many courses. Legend institute is not just an educational institution; it is a commitment, a commitment towards building new generation of smart and capable individuals and the custodians of future. Legend institute has a wide reputation for its quality teaching and learning with holistic approach towards grooming the students. The institute is situated in centre heart of the city where a student can confidently reach. The institute attracts students from all over Hyderabad-Secunderabad and also to foreign students of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalien & Afghanistan. The institute has been striving for the past 14 years in furthering the cause of multiple professions. The institute has been recognized as the best institute in Aghapura and also the best and save institute for girls by their parents and other people. The institute aims to provide the students with:

  • Strong Self confidence,
  • Passion of continuous learning,
  • Tolerance and respect of others
  • Moral values such as honesty, integrity and good judgment.

Education is the best gift that parents can give to their child. We believe in Educating a child during his/her various stages of development while being aware of its motivations and changing interests. Therefore, our philosophy is explained and is obvious right from our good intentions to the actions of every individual in the organization.

“Do Good for Others. It will come back in unexpected ways.”

Enrolling at Legend Institute, you move close towards your “Dreams, Goals and Success” in your life. I take pride in welcoming you to the family of Legend Institute for enlightened learning and success.